Has a vast experience in:
This includes all operations needed in Emergency or electively to deal with the sequelae. 
Supratentorial tumours including resection of gliomas,meningomas etc. 
Posterior fossa tumours e.g. medullo blastomas, ependymomas haemangioblastomas 
Endonasal trans-spheniodal pituitary adenomectomies 
CP angle tumours 
Tanscallosal approach to the lateral and third ventricles 

Neurovascular surgery 
Aneurysmal surgery 
Skull base Approaches 
Spinal Surgery including the extra dural, intra dural and intra medullary lesions. 
Antrior cervical approach for discectomy, corpectomy, strut grafting and fixation. 
Posterior approach to the spine for discectomy, decompressive laminectomy and foraminotomy, trans-paddicular screw and rod fixation in the dorsolumbar region and fixation techniques specific for the cervical spine. 
Costotransversectomy and lateral extra-cavitary approaches. 
Repair of spinal dysraphism and associated anomalies including myelmeningocoeles, tethered cord syndrome and split cord malformations. 

CSF Diversionary Procedures 
Ventriculo-peritoneal and pleural shunts 
lumbo-peritoneal shunt 
External ventricular drain 

Cranio-cervical decompression for Arnold-Chiari malformations 
MVD (Microvascular descompression surgeries) for trigeminal neuragia and hemifacial spasm 

Remodelling in craniosynostosis 
Repair of skull defects using both autogenous and synthetic grafts 

For the trigeminal neuralgia, occipital neuralgia and meralgia paraesthetica 
Percutaneaous retro-gazerian alcholic rhizolysis in trigeminal neralgia 
Nerve entrapments 
Release of Carpeltunnel syndrome 
Release of ulnar nerve entrapment and transposition 

Anterior trans-oral approach to the spine 
Neuroendoscopic procedures 
Especially ETV (Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy) 

Gamma-knife sterotactic radio surgery 
3 months course Royal London Hospital and Harley Hospital, UK